The Gregory Wade McGrew Foundation

Combining a love of children and a great sense of patriotism and appreciation for all that has been done by our military to protect our freedoms is sometimes difficult to combine.  However, we believe that we have found the right combination with the Gregory Wade McGrew Foundation.

This newly-formed charitable foundation has been established for two reasons:

  • To provide monetary support for children’s hospitals in the United States that dedicate their time and efforts to the treatment and cure of childhood diseases, and
  • To provide monetary support to the children of our fallen heroes from the Afghanistan, Iraq, or Gulf Wars so that they may enjoy their full share of the freedoms that their parent(s) fought so hard to ensure.

The Gregory Wade McGrew Foundation is in a unique position in that it can guarantee that 100% of every dollar taken in will be paid out to the beneficiaries because our other business activities allow us to do that.  We can also use those other business activities as the conduits that allow us to raise money for the causes.  To get the Foundation started, the auctions will be used as an opportunity to sell raffle tickets for special equipment that will be raffled later in the year.

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